I would like to follow more chronic illness convos on mastodon, can anyone point me in the right direction? (I have POTS. It is terrible)


i was interviewed by The White Pube! a nice time, talking about feeling afraid to claim the title "artist" and making things that make other things https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_joqPHR42E

whenever I log onto mastodon I am forced to learn a new acronym (this time it’s GAFAM, meaning the big five internet bodies: google, Amazon, Facebook, apple, Microsoft. Cursed!)

The White Pube #thewhitepube recently published a podcast episode titled "Instagram has ruined art" (https://thewhitepube.co.uk/podcasts/instagram-has-ruined-art/).

In it, they speak about their departure from #Wix for their website building/hosting towards a static site generator, as well as some results from a poll they ran about artists experience of using Instagram.

So good to hear about their excitement for #RSS, syndication and federation.

I'm tired of microblogging. I want a macroblog, a blog so big it blocks out the sun. Everyone will be forced to look at my words and despair.

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