Hello and welcome to the Geeks for Social Change official account! A little :

We are a tech studio and activist collective inspired by , , , and ideas and movements.

We use activism, technology and research to collaborate with community groups, digital agencies, researchers, and everyone in between.

As a studio of queer, trans, disabled and neurodiverse people we work towards a future of liberation for all!


We're still getting used to our little Mastoson server but are looking forward to sharing more of our projects with you and having a more direct line between what our staff are working on and the general public. This profile will hopefully slowly start to replace our Twitter profile here as we go: twitter.com/gfscstudio

Look forward to meeting you all!

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Geeks for Social Change

Geeks for Social Change are working towards a fairer society using activism, technology, and research. We welcome friends and acquaintances of the studio to join our server.