✨ANNOUNCING: UnTechCon ✨ — a one-day unconference about creating community digital autonomy, challenging big tech, and creating a future worth living in. It's on 10th December on the GFSC discord.

An unconference is a conference where there's no preset agenda or speaker list, under a loose overall theme. All attendees are encouraged to give talks, lead discussions, run workshops, etc. Or just come and listen if you'd prefer!

Full info here:

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We've written up a few FAQs about the day that we've had!

Full schedule announcement and details about the day coming on Thursday, can't wait to meet you all 🤗

@gfsc hello! I totally understand why you won’t be recording anything, but will there be any notes / summaries etc going up afterwards? It looks super interesting and I wish I could make it, but unlikely I’ll be able to dip in at the weekend 🙁

@prehensile we will have @h taking notes in an official capactity but this is very experiental so. we hope so :D

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