What happens when those making the decisions don’t actually have any connection to the the fund is looking to support?

In a new episode of the Geeks for Social Change , Dr Kim Foale and Rachele Evaroa share ‘Everything we want to tell you about your funding scheme...

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...but are afraid to tell you because we can't afford to piss you off'

Recorded as part of an NHS event in March 2023, this episode explores the practical impacts of relying on project-based funding bids to deliver community development work, and asks if there are better ways of making that work .

“Most of this work we’re doing is work we want to do anyway, that we’re already doing for free, but that makes it perpetually unsustainable.”

Join us as we imagine ways community funding could be done differently, and share the material impacts of the current system of projects, bids, and buzzword bingo.

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