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I'm some combo of a community organiser/activist, tech nerd and researcher based in Manchester, UK. I set up a studio called Geeks for Social Change to try and work in the intersections beween these areas and create genuinely community-led tech practices. I've very much made my passion my life and now have no meaningful work life balance or division. Hi!

I'm also transfemme, autistic, poly and have fibromyalgia so probably going to be posting about that too!!

Pretty soon I think we will see a shift back to only really trusting face-to-face relationships - anything on a screen or document will probably take as much work to validate its correctness as simply talking to the person who supposedly wrote it.

It's kind of ironic that what ChatGPT has made possible more than anything is the contents of Graeber's "Bullshit Jobs" – jobs that the whole economy is precariously built upon.

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Think about how many forms we fill in every day for example that you can be sure never get properly checked. It's probably not long before funding applications are written and graded by AI, just like CVs often are now.

Think about the amount of pieces of writing that we are told to do in offices or school that get skimmed once if you're lucky.

Our whole economy is held up by implicit trust and the documents have always been more important that they look right than are right.

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Predicting now that the singularity is not going to be because AI gets super smart – but rather that it will be super stupid but _sound_ smart.

ChatGPT is already a system that takes far longer to fact check than it does to generate things that _sound_ correct. This will now only get worse.

I think the billions of written documents circulated in offices every day are going to become increasingly untrustworthy and eventually the whole small-rectangle-based economy will collapse.

that who gives a crap toilet paper brand is amazing because they really went "what if we wrapped the toilet paper in more paper to save paper" and loads of otherwise sensible people went "yes this sounds like a great idea"

Just in time for summer, Manchester City Council have installed a sign basically telling poor people they can't have a bbq in the park and to call the cops if you see anyone doing it lol

anarchists stop empire building and just do good things locally and talk to other people doing good things locally challenge

eurovision trends this year are sci fi, horny, and polycule

Coining "the cosy insurrection". I would like an insurrection but would like to do it in my PJs with a takeaway on the sofa pls. This sounds like a good zine prompt?

black lodge press is live laugh love for anarchists

love reading anarchist texts because they flip so quickly from "YES! OMG this speaks to me on a spiritual level" to saying something like "Merry Crisis and Happy New Fear" and just making me cringe so hard i almost die

nonbinary hacker anarchist called snack overthrow

Started a newsletter!

It's called Historica11y. It's about web accessibility; how we got to where we are, who fought for it, and much more!

If you have any leads, know anyone I should talk to, or want to subscribe, I'm super grateful + my DMs are open!

Anyone got any reccomendations for software (self hosted or SaaS) we can use to collaborate on our incoming emails as a team? It's getting increasingly messy but things like Zendesk look way overkill + expensive for what we want.

Main tasks we need to do:

- Triage the best person to reply to incoming enquiries with a proper handoff process
- Give bug reports / feature requests somewhere to be tracked
- Work on quotes and tenders collaboratively before sending back

yougov is pretty depressing but this food leaderboard is hard to argue with

tired: "i belong to the lgbt community"

wired: "i'm in the fruit ecosystem"

just had an instagram ad to "discover your full genetic potential" and thats enough instagram for one day holy shit

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