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I'm some combo of a community organiser/activist, tech nerd and researcher based in Manchester, UK. I set up a studio called Geeks for Social Change to try and work in the intersections beween these areas and create genuinely community-led tech practices. I've very much made my passion my life and now have no meaningful work life balance or division. Hi!

I'm also transfemme, autistic, poly and have fibromyalgia so probably going to be posting about that too!!

I've long had this joke about how these days artists use Instagram accounts instead of business cards - but I never went so far as to actually push this thought from "flippant comment" to "why are we all OK with this?"

Listening to this conversation - between The White Pube, @h and @kim set off about 500 lightbulbs in my brain, and made tangible why I like Mastodon so darned much.

So, seems as you're still reading this, please tell me about a good RSS reader for MacOS?

linux administration is a sudo science

just got an edi survey for a clubnight, babe no x

is there a follow friday kinda hashtag on here or anything? also think we maybe need to do that server linking thingy to see more replies, it's pretty quiet just having a handful of users

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would really like to quit my personal twitter for good but fedi is not quite giving me the content hit that place does yet. suggestions for cool accounts i should follow on here?

ok but who in the relationship is the software developer and who is the feminist activist

how many people are there working in tech ethics now? and totally unrelated how many tech companies have antifascist policies in place?

Reminder we are a content designer and a developer! We’re a small predominantly , , and studio trying to make a fairer society using activism, , and research.

We work a , and are fully remote in the UK.

Content designer:

Web developer:

npm install but not if youre using es6 and not if youre using commonjs but es5 using webpack or esbuild and require or include but not both

"legitimate concerns" is the new "im not X, but...", huh.

like has anyone heard the phrase "legitimate concerns" used by someone who was raising a legitimate concern? not me thats for sure.

They begin in good faith, but in the end they get ugly. They start out simple but end up oversized and unwieldy. Words are like winds and waves, and actions are rooted in gain and loss. Winds and waves can easily shake a man, and gain and loss can easily endanger him.

So the rage comes forth for no apparent reason and the cunning words fly off on a tangent like the panicked cries of a dying animal with no time to choose.

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Another thing: when two people test their skills against one another, it starts out brightly enough but usually ends darkly; when it really gets extreme, they end up engaging in all sorts of outrageous tactics to defeat each other. A drinking ritual is orderly at first but usually ends up in turmoil, and when it really gets extreme, the amusements start to get perverse. All things are like this.

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The esteem gets exaggerated into flattery and the anger into insult. These exaggerations then become outright lies, and once the lying starts trustworthiness is lost, and then the ability to communicate is destroyed-and perhaps the messenger as well. As the maxim says, "Transmit their usual characteristic inclinations, not their occasional exaggerations, and you can probably preserve yourself intact.

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Really enjoying the Ziporyn translation of Zhuangzi, how's this for a 4th century BCE description of social media:

Let me tell you a little more of what I've learned. Human interactions, when handled face-to-face, are founded on mutual trust. But when handled at a distance, they must depend on words to establish reciprocal loyalty. These words have to be transmitted by someone, and there is nothing in the world more difficult than communicating mutual esteem or mutual anger between two people.

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