Just in time for summer, Manchester City Council have installed a sign basically telling poor people they can't have a bbq in the park and to call the cops if you see anyone doing it lol

yougov is pretty depressing but this food leaderboard is hard to argue with

a new "we've updated our terms and conditions" email type just dropped, lol

npm install but not if youre using es6 and not if youre using commonjs but es5 using webpack or esbuild and require or include but not both

Really enjoying the Ziporyn translation of Zhuangzi, how's this for a 4th century BCE description of social media:

Let me tell you a little more of what I've learned. Human interactions, when handled face-to-face, are founded on mutual trust. But when handled at a distance, they must depend on words to establish reciprocal loyalty. These words have to be transmitted by someone, and there is nothing in the world more difficult than communicating mutual esteem or mutual anger between two people.

gamete storage is a wild ride. do i trust the tories to not create me an heir to pay off any debts i might have after my death? 🤔

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