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james bond reboot where everything is the same but they realise sequential IDs are a security problem so bond is agent 5f0d3e0c-da96-11e5-b5d2-0a1d41d68578

I have now watched all of clone wars and the prequel trilogy and I stg there is not a single scene with padme or asokha in anakin doesn't act like some incel sex offender.

Big cop energy.

Guy literally thinks he owns women.

Jedi council too dudebro to notice.

After over a year’s work, we have finally launched a beta version of our new site… Check it out at — you can see all of our lovely faces, explore a wide range of projects, learn about how you can support our work directly, and much more.

The paint is still (metaphorically) a bit wet — we know there are a few issues which need ironing out — if you spot any terribly broken things or howling errors, please do slide into our DMs or @ us on Discord.

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you say you hate religion but love crossfit, curious,,,

being an anticapitalist in tech is constantly pointing out how the latest shiny new tech hyped up through venture capitalist billions and using more energy than a small country probably doesnt have your best interests at heart, and getting gaslit into accepting that it must be part of the future and you're just some weird luddite, until 1-3 years later everyone accepts its shit and starts agreeing with you by which time its too late

thirsty queers on lex dota players
top is missing

just spotted a regex error by eye in a code review

seratonin through the roof my ego is uncrushable for the next 30 mins

transphobia moan 

i'm (kind of) used to the attacks from the right but the almost total indifference from the "all good people here" left feels just as bad

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transphobia moan 

you know it's been like, years now, of transphobia ramping up endlessly and it's only getting worse and it's just sort of wild how well meaning cis people just... done nothing

there's no calls to support trans business or campaigns outside the odd petition

there's no support for trans leadership

noone ever asks how they can help or how you're doing

litearally all i've see on the cis left is people politicising it for their own ends

its so gross and feels so helpless

@kim maybe 99% uptime could become cringe, like replying to work emails on a sunday

your server stays up all the time? alright mr kraft exxon microsoft sachs good for you

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actually maybe letting your mastodon server be down for 3 days should be rebranded as an extended participatory artwork exploring themes of touching grass and we should be applauded for it

The White Pube #thewhitepube recently published a podcast episode titled "Instagram has ruined art" (

In it, they speak about their departure from #Wix for their website building/hosting towards a static site generator, as well as some results from a poll they ran about artists experience of using Instagram.

So good to hear about their excitement for #RSS, syndication and federation.

Keep dropping offline because Mastodon is a hungry beast, 50GB disk not enough! Will be switching to a bigger machine soon enough and prob should do a writeup of what's involved in starting a new server...

I've long had this joke about how these days artists use Instagram accounts instead of business cards - but I never went so far as to actually push this thought from "flippant comment" to "why are we all OK with this?"

Listening to this conversation - between The White Pube, @h and @kim set off about 500 lightbulbs in my brain, and made tangible why I like Mastodon so darned much.

So, seems as you're still reading this, please tell me about a good RSS reader for MacOS?

linux administration is a sudo science

just got an edi survey for a clubnight, babe no x

is there a follow friday kinda hashtag on here or anything? also think we maybe need to do that server linking thingy to see more replies, it's pretty quiet just having a handful of users

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would really like to quit my personal twitter for good but fedi is not quite giving me the content hit that place does yet. suggestions for cool accounts i should follow on here?

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