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New , since I moved servers.

I'm David, I work in events, typically around strange videogames. I run a small game design festival named Feral Vector, and curate some things for other events. I also do a bit of production management for Geeks For Social Change.

Outside of that, I'm studying maths, and tend to ride bikes a lot.

I've been on fedi since 2016, but only got around to moving off .social this year.

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just got an edi survey for a clubnight, babe no x

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Thousands of archivists and librarians over here gesticulating *yes, finally, we've been saying this for a decade+*

Bit on the nose for shuffle to throw out "England Made Me" by Black Box Recorder, just as my train pulls into Edinburgh

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Now Play This is looking for a new director:
it's a cool festival (i'm biased), and i'm excited to see what direction the new director wants to take it in.

happy to answer questions if you're thinking about it

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the paper itself is pretty great - - tbh i think it makes some of the points in Graeber's Bullshit Jobs a bit more effectively than he does, if only because the critique is coming from people who are fully bought into the system. this story is going to haunt me:

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a summary of a paper where people do organizational mapping processes... and discover how contingent and constructed an organization actually is

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Sensory: Life on the Spectrum releases in the UK today! (Already out in the US!)

If you enjoy my comics, you can now own a physical copy of some of them, as well as comics by other amazing autistic creators.

#ActuallyAutistic #Autism #Neurodivergence #Sensory #OwnVoices

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Help Hermit the Crab find their new home in Hermit's New Home, out now for your home computer

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Do I really wanna post about bad news? 

But there are more questions here.

When is it helpful to share the badness? In which ways? And what words, what perspectives, what voices are the ones I want to help get out there?

Certainly not the ones already passed around in the news.

So that's a good chance to dig deeper and look for the people who actually have something to say about it.

And usually the best stuff isn't what's out in the news while a situation is still evolving. There's no urgency to most things. It might feel that way. But most of the time it's much better to just wait. Wait a day or a week and look what people have to say about things then. The right people. The one whose voices really matter.

Yeah, so that's how I try to do it.

It doesn't mean I don't care. It doesn't mean I don't see it or I don't see you.

It means I care. I am careful. I want to listen first. Being quiet about some things isn't always a bad thing.

Of course, sometimes we should be loud.

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Any time someone automatically reaches for "this game needs a new engine" because they've spotted, like, six bugs or something then it should be legal to send a developer round their house to stand on their flower beds and ruffle their hair a bit.

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The latest Captain Awkward has a thing I repeat loudly in my social space of artists, queer folks, and organizers:

@RobF I don't see as many shmups nowadays, but this is a cool one:

Demo on itch linked from there too

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CW'ing keeps a bit of that 20th century "I know there's badness here and I can brace myself for it before {reading|watching} it."

*Not* CWing continues the birdsite tradition of being a constant drip of random radioactive mental health damage. It doesn't have to be like that. And if you're trying to rally support and disseminate information, ask yourself: are you *intentionally* wearing down your target audience, or is it a bad habit you can do something about?

malware shitpost 

Android malware that says "Recharge headset" in the quiet bits of music. Regardless of whether it's connected to amything or not

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