One of my favourite things about DuckDuckGo's mobile browser is not just that it has a button to clear all tabs/history/etc., but also that if I end up on a particularly shit website that has things like force scroll and popups, two irritated jabs immediately purge it with fire

me: ooh maybe some music

maths, rock paper scissors 

Here's the table for actual rock paper scissors, with abstain. Not a monoid because elements appear more than once in each column and row, neutral element is not in the right places. Also might not have closure depending on how you define and equate (or not) "abstain" and "draw".

I reckon it's a good job ancient humans didn't settle on rock paper scissors as the basis of arithmetic

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maths, rock paper scissors 

Todays exercise: Rock Paper Scissors would be pretty weird as a monoid and have no win condition (binary operation "VS", plus additional element "abstain" as a neutral one)

paper vs rock = scissors
rock vs rock = paper
scissors vs. paper = rock

The only way of not transforming two objects into a single object dissimilar to both is if one or both players don't play, but that also happens in some cases if they both do:
rock vs scissors = abstain

lewd fake yorkshire place name 

missed this at the time, but someone just faved this from my now dormant Yorkshire toponomy bot.

Source here if you want a look:

(I always meant to go back and fix the edge cases like repeated syllables and wrongly constructed double letters, but fucking hell that's a faff without being able to script conditionals)

I absolutely cannot follow all their videos so far, but All Angles is a relatively new/low subscriber youtube channel and they're making some extremely good maths videos. Attached screenshot seems to be their roadmap.

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@candle in case you're not on insta and it's being a greedy fuck about logins, screengrab too

war mention 

Kadyrov and his Chechens squaring up to fight Wagner? Well:

language/brain nerd stuff 

I suspect it might be because ordering adjectives by specificity makes for efficient thinking and communication, which is somewhat subjective. Hence adjective order would be an emergent, flexible convention observable across languages and cultures, rather than inviolable rule. Which is the case.

Languages that put noun before adjectives tend to show this same ordering, but inverted. Seems like the noun is the most specific thing and grounds the other characteristics?

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language/brain nerd stuff 

The most common order in each case is exactly what I expected, but I did expect deeper biases toward the most common word orders.

Admittedly this is small number of people, and this poll is hardly science, but changing "round" to "circular" seems to switch the natural sounding word order of shape and colour for most people

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Looks like the Holy Spirit operates somewhere between 300GHz and 300MHz

The pieces for Project L look and feel so delicious

House stuff, woodwork 

A satisfying afternoon of getting flooring done. Finished up by making this hatch cover for the underfloor, and surrounding bits. More to do before I can glue the bottom left bits in place, and the panel to the right of them will more obviously be a hatch once it has recessed latches

music/speech nerd stuff 

Following the interest has escalated quickly. Not sure if I'll learn to play this or not, but it got to the point I needed something noisy to poke, this digi piano was a bargain and nearby, and it has MIDI out so I'll be able to make it play non-Western scales.

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I'm not often up for triple-A games, but holy fuck Fallen Order has an extremely good photo mode

I dislike everything about Windows setup now leading to an unstoppable torrent of marketing guff with no unsubscribe option (just "This email is part of a limited Welcome series.")

Best tip: use a burner email

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