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@oluOnline This is also a question I've given a great deal of thought to. My own personal take on this, after 20 years of fighting to change tech from the inside, is that it will always be a losing proposition.

Some settings are amenable to change from within; I believe that, due to the overwhelmingly imbalanced power and constituency of tech, it is not.

I think a far more promising strategy is to nurture and grow technical skills within communities outside of the tech sector entirely - not to help "get them in" but to reduce and even eliminate the relevance of the current power structure entirely.

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Hey! 👋🏿

I'm Olu, based in London/UK, been a web developer since 2016. Love JavaScript.

Looking for my next role! Must be , I'm really interested in , maintainability and , impactful work.


Please boost :)

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And I'm now looking for a collaboration/internship for next summer! If you maintain a charting library (like @observablehq's Plot) or you're in a setting like data journalism or a viz design studio, please reach out.

I want to take our project to the next level alongside a team!

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An accessible HTML version of our paper is here, for those that want to dig in.

This project was in collaboration with Lucas Nadolskis and @dom here at @cmuhcii


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Hi folks! I'm announcing my latest project, Data Navigator!

I've been frustrated these past few years with all of the problems that visualization toolkits face making their visualizations more accessible. I built a tool that I hope will help.

Read more: https://www.frank.computer/blog/2023/09/introducing-data-navigator.html

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Can I ask a favour?

I’ve been working on and off for the last year on an app to help people with adhd set and work toward their goals.

It’s launching 1st October for free!

Ways you can help:

1. Go follow the Instagram https://instagram.com/cammi.app

2. Consider supporting the project on Patreon from £1 p/m on https://patreon.com/neuropreneurs

3. Spread the word. If you know someone with adhd or someone who would benefit from setting goals then please tell them about Cammi 😊

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Wanting attention is quite honestly one of the most basic of human needs so why anyone tries to shame someone for doing something in order to get attention is a bit asinine.

Virtually everything we do socially is for attention. The question is what kind of attention is sought.

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About 3,000 were killed on September 11. We still talk about it every single year.

The other day, an estimated 18,000-20,000 people were killed by oil and gas corporations through climate change and almost nobody I know has even heard about it.

18,000-20,000 people.

From a single flood.

I know we are all numb, now, but 18,000 to 20,000 people just died in a SINGLE climate event.



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The more I wrestle with #p2p stuff, especially from a lens of trying to remove the need for explicit pubs, the more I realize that this industry fights so hard for centralization and surveillance.

I've considered scrapping my projects because I don't want to add yet another tool that enables child porn distribution or encourages cryptocurrency shills to mine to distribute their content. And that requires some compromises in potentially what kind of metadata can be added (if any) and requires something computers deem to be difficult to quantify: trust.

Probably good I don't have my laptop lol

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@ProPublica needs a new full-stack Senior Product Developer to help improve how the best investigative nonprofit journalism in the country gets published.

We can't pay like a Big Tech company, but it's a great place to work and you get to have direct impact on how people interact with our journalism. We're also still small enough where your thoughts and opinions on how things should work really matter!


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Can we get a solarpunk rival to burning man, where people congregate to permanently upgrade civic infrastructure somewhere instead? Like a convention of hippy nerds going door to door offering to install free insulation, guerilla gardening on empty lots, repairing derelict houses, running volunteer transit, hosting pop-up pay-what-you-can grocers and restaurants.. something that revels in _mattering_ instead of "leaving no trace" (but at exorbitant cost)

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@gerrymcgovern thanks for this awesome roundup of stats. the only bit i think i pause on is who is the "we" here? doesn't the amount big 5 tech companies produce and store against without our knowledge absolutely dwarf anything any individual holds? it strikes me that the people reading this are probably not the problem. for example: theguardian.com/technology/201

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I really do not want to work in tech anymore. Like fuck this whole space. The fact an civic tech organization that's all about the alleviation of poverty ignored 80 people asking for better LIVING conditions (as @cfaworkers wrote about https://cfaworkersunited.com/stories/2023/08/16/ready-and-action ) gives me no fucking hope.

Like whewwwww. And the fact that the new VP of Engineering deadass lied to EVERYONE about their access being just a small permission change (when accounts were being DELETED, preventing people from working)? All today and now I wish I took screenshots.

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Myself, along with almost 40 other workers (a large amount of @cfaworkers), were laid off from Code for America. Instead of working with workers to get a union contract, they gutted our stances. AFAIK, we will be getting COBRA covered until November 2023 and one month of severance.

The workers wrote the following: https://cfaworkersunited.com/stories/2023/08/31/code-for-america-lays-off-35-colleagues

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I desperately need a draft feature.

How else can I store my extra funny thoughts that I can't post until the dopamine from my previously extra funny thought wears off?

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why is an orange not that appealing but the single slice of orange in a cocktail is like the worlds most desirable foodstuff

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